Student Resources 

The instructions provided on the Shar website show how to select the correct violin size for children.

Make a set a flashcards to improve your note reading skills! 

To keep the answers from showing through, cut and paste each flashcard onto thick notecards, or print on heavy paper. On the back, write the letter name of the note AND how to play the note on your violin (3 fingers on A string, for example).  

Free online digital tuner. Use the chart on my tuning page if you are unsure what pitches to tune to. 

This FREE website is a wonderful resource for every musician! Use the tutorials to better understand music theory. Customize exercises to practice reading notes and key signatures.  

Names of the parts of the violin and the bow. 

This chart shows the letter name and finger used to play each note that corresponds with the beginner tapes on the violin.

This chart shows the letter name and finger used to play every note in 1st position on the violin. 

These fingerboard charts map out finger placement in eight basic keys.

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